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Portland Basin Museum



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The exhibition 'Tameside at Leisure' explores the many ways the borough’s residents spend their spare time – now and in the past.

Holidays once saw entire towns visiting Blackpool for Wakes Week, and there were also day trips to Southport and Belle Vue. Other objects relate to the Whit walks and brass band contests as well as dance troupes such as the Milltown Cloggies and Mossley Morris Men.

The great outdoors is featured, with its opportunities for gardening, walking and so many other activities, and there are displays about uniformed youth organisations as well as a section about the Manchester Regiment’s volunteer battalions. Several hobbies such as photography, painting, cooking and reading are also included.

Portland Basin Museum, Ashton, is open Tuesday to Sunday (10am to 4pm). Admission is free.

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Portland Basin Museum, Portland Place, Ashton-under-Lyne, OL7 0QA


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