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Leonardo, Van Gogh, Picasso, Banksy - which might you be? Everyone has a great work of art inside them, waiting to be set free, if only they knew how. And with the growing popularity of painting programmes on television this couldn’t be a better time to learn how to release your own masterpiece by joining the All Seasons Art Club.

Meetings are held every Tuesday morning from 10am to 1pm at ‘The Hub’, Hattersley (next to Tesco) and, unlike many other Art groups, benefits from the attendance of the well-known local professional artist, Sheila Meeks, who gives demonstrations in a variety of techniques and mediums, as well as one-to-one tuition and advice as needed. New members can start at any time and everyone can progress at their own pace. Learning new skills builds confidence, encourages self-expression and promotes a wider interest in the arts in general. It doesn’t take too many sessions before a picture can be produced that’s well worth framing and being hung on a wall for others to admire.

All adults, of any age - you’re never too old to learn – are most welcome and members have joined for a number of reasons in addition to the sheer pleasure of producing drawings and paintings. Such as retirees who were looking for a hobby that’s creative and stimulating, and not very expensive. Others have found the sessions therapeutic while recovering from illness or stress, and for full-time carers they provide a few hours of relaxing respite. As a clearly non-strenuous activity (no heavy lifting) creating artwork is ideal for anyone with mobility issues, while for those who live alone being a member of a friendly club gets them out of the house each week. Whatever the motivations, everyone enjoys the social aspect of regular meetings and working in the company of others with similar interests and sharing ideas, tips and perhaps even some light gossip over a coffee and toasted tea-cake.

Have you watched them on TV painting portraits and landscapes and thought ‘Wish I could do that’? Did you enjoy doing art at school and wish you’d kept it up? Well, now’s your chance to become the next Turner, Hockney, Tracy Emin, or better. Membership is still only £5 per week, after a free first ‘taster’ session, so call Steve on 07488227640, and get your name down now.


The Hub Hattersley, Hyde, SK14 6AF


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