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YOUtheatre U.K. is one of Tameside's leading youth theatres, established in 2010 for young people aged 5 - 17. We hold workshops teaching different aspects of musical theatre, put on regular performances and take our members on theatre trips. Our ethos is based on respect, and our classes focus on encouraging our members to support each other as they learn different performance techniques. Our young people come from many different areas and schools across Tameside, and often join not knowing anyone in the class, so it is important to us to make every new member feel welcome and comfortable as soon as possible. YOUtheatre U.K. puts the main emphasis of what we teach on the interests and needs of our members. Classes not only teach young people drama and theatre skills, but also help to build their confidence and self-esteem and give them the ability and skills to cope with everyday situations regardless of their theatrical aims and ambitions.


Baden House, Carrhill Road, Mossley


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