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The Manchester Regiment collection consists of thousands of objects that all help tell the proud history of the regiment, including uniforms, cap badges, trench art, weapons, artworks, memorials and trophies.

The Museum of the Manchester Regiment is currently closed while awaiting restoration works to Ashton Town Hall. The collection is safely packed away in storage. While we are seeking funding to create a new museum, the museum team are making the collection accessible in other ways.

There are regular displays of Manchester Regiment objects at Portland Basin Museum and there are lots of resources and collections to explore and research online.

Keep an eye on our What's On section for any events and exhibitions coming up.

The collections

There are over 800 medal sets in the Manchester Regiment collection, spanning the many campaigns and conflicts that the regiment were involved in throughout their history. The fascinating biographies of the soldiers who were awarded these medals have been uncovered and brought together as part of our Men Behind the Medals project. They say every object tells a story and this is certainly true of the Manchester Regiment collection. You can find out more about the medals and objects, plus discover why this amazing sculpture of Wilfred Owen was recently added to the collection, by clicking on the images below.


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