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Transforming a previously unused space in Ashton Market, The Market Gallery supports local artists to showcase and often sell their work. Exhibitions change roughly every three months. The Gallery is located in stalls 62 and 63 opposite Ashton Farmhouse Deli.

If you are interested in exhibiting at The Market Gallery please email

Current exhibitions

On display until 5th December 2023.

My Art in Oils - Pete Woodburn

Pete Woodburn, a self-taught artist, calls Failsworth, Oldham, his creative home. His second exibition at The Market Gallery, My Art in Oils celelbrates landscapes mainly around the North West.

Pete's artistic journey ignited during his school days, revealing a unique talent for drawing. After a 30-year hiatus dedicated to life's other pursuits, he returned to his true passion: painting with oils. Pete's works from photographs he takes on his travels including from his old job as a shopping delivery driver, working across Saddleworth and Manchester from Ashton Moss.

Branching Out: A Single Scalpel and a Bag of Stamps – Stephanie Gibbins

Amidst the pandemic, Stephanie Gibbins found solace in artistry. Armed with blank greeting cards, used postage stamps, and a humble scalpel, she ventured into paper cutting and stamp collage. Nature's beauty and vibrant colors inspire her creations, such as the 'Day and Night' series, blending Clarice Cliff pottery influences with stamp collage.

'Branching Out' celebrates the charm of postage stamps, elegantly framing them or using their myriad colors, especially Queen Elizabeth II Machin definitive stamps, to craft intricate textures.


Dates & Times

Open during Ashton Market's opening hours which you can find here.


Units 62 and 63, Ashton Market, Market Street Ashton-under-Lyne Tameside OL6 7JU


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