Outdoor activities

Evidence shows that outdoor learning increases health and wellbeing, personal development and attainment. Tameside Cultural Services offer outdoor experiences for schools that educate, bring enjoyment and can enhance concentration, confidence, communication skills, connection and community.

Discovering Waterways (full day workshop; will take place at Portland Basin)

Investigate, record and see first-hand some of the differences between canals and rivers on a short waterside walk from Portland Basin wharf. Pupils can find their feet with fieldwork, observe Tameside’s human geography, and do some detective work to discover how our rivers and canals were used in the past. Can your team conquer our ‘construct a waterwheel’ challenge? Find out more here

Plants To Dye For (full day workshop; will take place at Portland Basin)

Let our resident botanist introduce your pupils to a variety of common wild and garden plants, and help them explore how these plants grow and discover their uses through the ages. Then turn back time and go green! Your budding botanists can try an eco-friendly traditional technique, producing plant dyes for creation of their own sustainable artwork. Find out more here

Make Sense of Nature (half day session; will take place at Portland Basin)

Slow down and find your stride on a nature wellbeing walk. With help from a professional outdoor exploring adult, your class will learn how to take a moment to take notice. We will stop along the way for some fun, sensory activities that help get us all a bit closer to nature. Suitable for all ages. Find out more here

It’s a Living Thing (full day workshop; will take place at Portland Basin)

Explore outdoors with help from a professional outdoor exploring adult. Your young scientists will try their hands at bug hunting, investigate the plants that grow where we live, and undertake some simple classification.  Your group will also take a look at life in a pond and collaborate to complete our themed team challenges. Find out more here

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