Batty about bats! How to spot bats in Tameside this spooky season…

October 27, 2023


The skies are darker, the nights are getting colder and the leaves are crunchy - it’s officially spooky season in Tameside!

Did you know that Tameside is home to several species of bat that can be found amongst the region’s parks, waterways and gardens?

We chatted to bat and local wildlife expert, Russ Hedley from Nature Walks who has told us more about these fascinating nocturnal mammals so we can all become Bat Detectives over Halloween…

“Both common and soprano pipistrelle bats can be found around the Tameside area, in many different habitats such as parks and gardens” said Russ.

“Around the waterways, there are also Daubenton's bats, otherwise called the fishing bat. And in the darker, wilder spaces with less artificial lights you could find noctule bats flying among the canopy or even the elusive brown long-eared bat!

Bat spotting in Tameside

“If you want to become a bat detective and spot your own bats in Tameside, head out half an hour before sunset as this is the time they start to emerge. Aim for anywhere with trees or water with a pathway or toe path. Bats like to patrol these routes for food.

“Bats are truly incredible mammals. All British species of bats eat insects for their diet, but because they are small animals, they must eat 3,000 midges per night just to stay alive. Imagine the state we would be in without them!

How can we protect bats in Tameside?

“We can protect and encourage British bats by turning off night time lights when we can, reducing nocturnal noise pollution and protecting older trees. If you have space at home, having a small water source in the garden helps insects breed and this produces food for the bats.”

If you want to go on a bat walk in Tameside, please do wrap up warm and take torches and mobile phones to stay safe.  If you spot any bats on your walk or in your garden and you’re lucky enough to grab a photo, please do share them on Instagram and tag @InTameside

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